Let’s start investing in bitcoins

What kind of system is the topic bitcoin? I will explain in an easy-to-understand manner as to be convinced for beginners about the minor aspects such as the risk when a beginner of investment begins trading, and the rudimentary knowledge of hard-to-hear bitcoin.

First of all, to one who is “what is a bitcoin” is one type of “bitcoin is a virtual currency”. A virtual currency is also called a cryptographic currency, traded with data and there is no physical thing like an actual currency. It is said that there are over 600 kinds of virtual currency, and its representative is bitcoin. The virtual currency other than bitcoin is called alto coin and there are a variety of currencies. In Japan, alto coins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Lightcoin, Nem are popular.

It is virtual currency investment to trade this virtual currency. Investment of one bitcoin of the virtual currency, if the price of the bitcoin that it has rises and sells the original bitcoin whose price rose, the profit of the amount to be the difference between the purchase amount and the sale amount appears It is. It is that there is a charm that can be said to be the maximum to do bitcoin investment here.

To buy a bitcoin, you have to open an account at the exchange. I think that you know that a wide variety of bitcoin exchanges are operating in the country completely different from several years ago. Since the trust level of the exchange that is the most concerned as well as the conditions concerning the transaction differs more than expected than the condition concerning transactions, it is necessary to open a new account after carefully considering in advance which exchange can be the most reliable Please be aware that there is.

To open an account on an exchange, create an account and submit a personal identification document such as a driver’s license. Depending on the exchanges, there is a place called ID Sophie to ask for the submission of an image of which face and identity card are taken together. Since it takes about one week from application to opening, I recommend you to proceed early. BitFlyer, Coincheck, Zaif, etc. are famous as exchanges of virtual currency such as bitcoin.

Once the opening of the account of the exchange is completed, you can purchase and trade bitcoin. Let’s purchase bitcoin by crediting into your account by bank transfer or other means. If you have an account at a bank affiliated with the exchange at this time, you can save the purchase of bitcoin purchase because the transfer fee is free any number of times.

To buy a bitcoin and start investing it is also necessary to determine the timing. You can tell by looking at the bitcoin chart here, but if the market price of the virtual currency goes up and down, it will cause a considerable loss if you mistake the timing. If you are a beginner of investment, you should always buy when the price goes down by observing the market price, buy more when buying at the low price called the dollar cost average method, and periodically repeating buying a little at the high price Please consider the method.

For those who are new to challenging investment in bitcoin from now on, starting from the investment method with less risk as mentioned above, after having experienced, “without having to rely on prediction of simple price rise or analysis, “Establishing investment techniques suitable for investment style and circumstances” should be a major goal.